1. You cannot be abandoned. You can only be released.
    — Derrick Brown
  2. When’s the last time you leapt?  (at Castlewood Canyon State Park)

    When’s the last time you leapt? (at Castlewood Canyon State Park)

  3. buttonpoetry:

    Kait Rokowski - “For Christina Turner” (Poetry Observed)

    "There is a difference between open-door policy and trespassing. I should not be liable for what someone else takes from me."

    Performing as part of our original series with Poetry Observed.

    A proud best friend. Always proud.

  4. a follower into the darkness

    I don’t get it either.
    I know you’re sitting here in your blazer
    and moderately high heels
    getting mascara all the way down to your collar.
    And I don’t get it.
    And I know you know they say it doesn’t always make sense
    but goddammit if you didn’t want it to this time.
    You just wanted it to make sense.
    And maybe you can’t hear these next things right now.
    But maybe you can read them.
    And read them again,
    And read again.
    Until at least your left hand isn’t clutching the snot covered tissue.

    You are worth more than this.
    You are worth more than however small they told you, you were.
    You are worth more than the mid-lunch rejection email that reminds you they would looooove to still see you come back.
    You are worth more than the morning light sneak out, the shushed mention of her name, the “i’m tired, let’s try again another night.”
    You are worth more than the never remembering your name.
    You are worth more than the 8-5 office, the small window, the sad song on repeat turned down, the “we’ll call you”.
    You are worth more than someplace to go at 3 am.
    Don’t answer that phone call.
    The lock is only as sturdy as you believe it is.
    Keep the deadbolt clicked and beat your chest until your heart starts speeding and tell her you’re listening.
    If no one else is fucking listening, you are.
    You notice her. You hear that fucking beautiful song.

    I’ve heard the phrase, “we accept the love we think we deserve.”
    And you think love is all thunderstorms and missed calls and it’s not.
    It’s more than you’ve allowed yourself to hope for because they all taught you something so different.

    And you deserve more.
    You deserve front porch kisses
    and daytime hand holding
    and spotlights
    and to wear shoes that you love
    and to spend all these work hours pushing towards something you care about.
    You deserve someone who answers the phone
    and a home that grieves your absense
    and a bank account that is filled with tokens of kindness that you’ve given away because you never run out of those.
    You deserve a listener
    a follower into the darkness
    a reminder of the light
    a harmony to your heart beat.

    I’m sorry if it’s not here yet.
    I can feel the ache you’re constantly trying to bury.
    Let it unearth itself sometimes ok?
    You can cover yourself in the dirt of it.
    And I’m sorry.
    I’m so sorry.
    I’ll be here
    listening in the darkness
    no matter how long you want to shake.
    Go ahead.
    Give yourself permission to make some noise.

  5. kaitrokowski:

    In the morning
    I listen to him brush his teeth through the wall
    He hums some song in his throat
    And I try to find my skirt
    It is the nicest one I own
    But it smells of spilled ale and smoke
    Through the wall, he sounds happy
    And I pretend I am waiting for him to take me to breakfast

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  6. This is the last song that leaves my body for you.

    Tom Misch, “The Last Song”

    listen.learn.repeat.sing.sing louder.you’ve always got another shot.

  7. you can show me where trouble goes, tell me secrets only trouble knows

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  8. monday.

    i saw a man on the sidewalk today that looked exactly like you, which is to say he looked nothing like you and he was just a man and i saw you, which is to say where are you, which is to say can you come home, which is to say god i didn’t realize how much i missed you, which is to say i’m still here.

  9. One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

    Jack Kerouac 

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  10. Thanks Wednesday.

    This is exactly what I needed.

    Larkin is a genius.