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  3. Don’t ever forget that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.
    — Aaron Sorkin (via flawsfoldedtoorigamiswans)
  4. Because what we have come to learn
    is that the future is made
    not by arguing well
    but by speaking differently.
    And speaking differently:
    that’s the job of poets.
    — Charles Mee
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    If you lived here
    you’d never have to make the coffee. I have mastered the art of the grind, the scoop to water ratio. It is my favorite nightly ritual to prepare for two cups in the morning.
    If you lived here
    the dishes would always be clean. It has always been the most soothing chore for me, using only your hands to make something new, watching a force as simple as water make things news.
    If you lived here
    There would always be music playing. Sometimes it would come from the decade old stereo in the bedroom, or the record player in the corner of the Christmas lights, or my small fingers and the piano or the tiny voice inside my throat.
    If you lived here
    sometimes I would forget to take out the trash. It reminds me of all the things that didn’t work or ended or broke or were ruined more easily than they should have been.
    If you lived here
    sometimes the music would be melancholy. It is too difficult to always play things that make me happy. It is an imaginary world to live in and I have never trusted the realm of pretend.

    This house is honest. This house always has the windows open. This house is still trying to figure out how best to stick around. This house is sometimes dark. Because I have perfected the act of leaving. I collect boots so my soles will never wear out. I only keep what I can carry. And it’s still too much. The windows are open both for the smell of the breeze and for the easy exit strategy. No one ever asked me to stay. They all convinced me they could make the coffee and do the dishes themselves. That they preferred their home silent.
    But if you lived here
    I would make sure to keep a string of lights plugged in.
    If you lived here
    I would always find my way home.

    -Steph Holmbo

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  7. Ken Arkind is a man I greatly respect. This is worth every second. Watch it. And then watch it again.

    My name is a poem.

  8. Denvah, you saucy minx. Thanks for bringing summer out to play. @elle_sweeney #denver

    Denvah, you saucy minx. Thanks for bringing summer out to play. @elle_sweeney #denver



  9. http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/an-artist-bio-gets-real
  10. i’m a child of moving on

    rainy wednesday soundtrack